Placement of jack stands on '01 Ford Ranger 4x4

I decided to put in new brake pads. I've done it before on an '04 Cavalier, but I've never had to jack up my Ranger before. My hydraulic jack won't fit as snug as I'd like on the recommended jacking point, could I put the jack stand there instead and jack it up right next to it as shown here?


Before you get yourself hurt, I would highly recommend looking in your owners manual. I fear you're not doing this correctly, as your floor jack shouldn't be near the wheel like that. If your ranger is anything like an F-150 or Bronco, the area you labeled for the floor jack would be where your actual jack stand would go and the floor jack would be used to lift further inward towards the center of the vehicle.

It's a U shaped notch that is the jacking point for the jack that comes with the truck. My hydraulic jack doesn't fit that well on that jacking point, so I was thinking of jacking it up where I pointed the arrow and putting the jack stand where the U is.

Not sure where your jack stand arrow is pointed at, but just make sure it's at a solid spot (If you're jacking at the suspension,jack stand there, if jacking from the frame, jackstand there.) Make sure to lower the hydraulic jack so that it rests on the jack stand. Jacking it up at the suspension means you'll have to jack it up less to get the wheel off the ground (less suspension travel) If in doubt, use multiple jack stands and place the removed tire under the frame.

Really depends. On an older vehicle, it could be fine, but a lot of newer vehicles are unibodies now. They usually have specific jacking points.

I always thought it was safer to jack on the frame than under unsprung weight; just so the weight on the spring couldn't shift and move your stand.

All Rangers (and virtually all trucks) are body on frame.

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